Top Husky Movies

Siberian Husky is one of the most famous dog breeds.

They are very popular due to their unusually blue eyes that so often flash on the Internet.

Thanks to this expressive look – it seems that the dog is about to begin speaking, the Huskies frequently appear on television, acting in numerous films. Thats why we have prepared a few film reviews about the Huskies.

Eight Below

(USA, 2005, 120 min.)

The plot revolves around a scientific geological expedition that spreads among the boundless ice deserts of the Arctic.

The main hero – Jerry Shepard, along with his inseparable friend and a local geologist, go in search of newly fallen meteorite in these places.

But the weather conditions change dramatically, and scientists must leave the snow-covered base, leaving eight sled dogs Husky.

Snow Buddies

(USA, 2008, 87 min.)

This remarkable film tells about the adventures of five golden retriever puppies who by chance found themselves abord the plane heading to Alaska.

In this cold and inhospitable land friends meet handsome “wolf” Husky Shaski by name and his owner Adam.

Since childhood Adam had cherished childhood dream: to take part in sled races. But earlierhe lacked several dogs for this…

Kevin of the North

(Canada, UK, 2001, 86 min.)

The plot revolves around Kevin Manley, Los Angeles travel agent, who finally gets tired of his monotonous life.

Kevin dreams of life, full of exciting adventures and amazing events.

In one of these moments he becomes a letter in which Kevin’s distant and long-forgotten grandfather leaves him a legacy of land, located far away in Alaska.

But to get the cherished heritage Manley must not only come to Alaska, but also to participate in sled dog racing.

The Last trapper

(France, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, 2004rik, 94 min.)

The main hero is a man of a very rare profession and equally rare outlook – Norman Winter.

He lives far away from the bustling city, among rocky mountains with his Indian wife and several faithful dogs – Siberian Husky.

Norman is a trapper: he earns his living with his hands, killing fur animals.

Norman’s life is full of many dangerous disputes with nature, which is so rarely favorable to him.

Snow Dogs

(Canada, USA, 2002, 99 min.)

The film revolves around Ted Brooks – successful dentist from sunny Miami.

But one day, in his measured life, where there was no room for surprises, occurs something – Ted becomes an heir to a woman who lived in the far cold Alaska.

The text of the covenant stated that Ted is her own son, and therefore legitimate heir of all property.

Learning of this, Ted immediately heads for his parents where he learns the shocking truth that turns his life upside down: mom and dad are not his biological parents.